Our 911 Center


The Antioch Police Department contracts 911 and Communications Services with Cencom.  The 911 center handles Police, Fire and Medical Emergencies

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Our Dispatchers are trained and certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers and provide pre-arrival instructions

When you call 911 expect to be questioned on what is occurring, including:

Who, What, When, Where, How and Why

These questions are asked to ensure caller, victim and officer safety

Allow the dispatcher to ask these questions as they are needed and answer them to the best of your knowledge

The 911 center is a state of the art, computerized Enhanced 911 Center

If you have recently moved into a new home, apartment, etc. we suggest that you dial 911 to ensure that your address information is sent correctly to our 911 system

When calling from a cellular phone, there is no location given, stay on the line and advise the dispatcher your location or give landmarks to assist the dispatcher in locating the emergency

If you misdial 911 stay on the line and speak to the dispatcher – We need to verify that the call is not an emergency.  If you hang up and we are unable to call you back Police Officers will be sent to your residence to check for your safety

Teach your children what 911 is for and when they should use it

For non-emergencies please call:

Antioch Police Department – 847-395-8585

Cencom – 847-270-9111

Lake County Sheriff’s Department – 847-549-5200