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“Hank” Comes to APD

As a continuation of the Antioch Police Dept. canine program it is our pleasure to introduce to the public our newest working patrol dog, Hank. Hank is paired up with Officer Chad McCameron and they began working as a K9 team in April of 2016.
Hank was born on April 7, 2015 in the Czech Republic. Hank comes from a distinct heritage of working dogs and at birth displayed the characteristics and temperament of a good police work dog. Hank arrived in the United States in January of 2016 and was immediately paired with the trainers at TOPS Kennels in Grayslake Illinois with the purpose of doing K9 police work. Hank began pre-training with TOPS personnel including all aspects of routine police duties. This training includes basic and advanced obedience, narcotics detection, articles searches, tracking of human scent, building searches, aggression training, suspect apprehension and handler protection. Once the dog had a basic introduction to all areas he was paired up with Officer McCameron who was selected to be his handler.